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Ghost of Romeo

The Team

Ghost of Romeo was an idea for a short film that woke me up in the middle of the night.

Its realization was made possible with the help of two talented individuals.

Sarah Roberts and Andrew Toutain

shared with me their creativity, problem solving & encouragement.

Here's some more about us.

Bobby McAfee

It's not often an idea comes to me with as much a demand to be made as Ghost of Romeo has.  I've given it my creative attention for almost a year (with lots of procrastination thrown in for good measure).  I'm a stage actor who has learned what I know of Shakespeare's work by performing it and being taught by talented directors.

With a little bit of video production experience under my belt, I took to this project with a vision that only needed to be realized.  I hope you enjoy it.


Sarah Photo for Ghost of Romeo copy.jpg

Sarah is no stranger to bringing wild stories to light.  Her novel Rokula, written with Robert Gartner, is a thrilling and dramatic dive into fantastic characters in dangerous times.  Other published works are wonderfully haunting.  Check out the links below for more.

Sarah was there on Ghost of Romeo from day one, providing encouragement, design suggestions, script assistance, music suggestions and a much valued perspective.

Click Here for more on Rokula

Instagram @anythingispossibleifithappens

Other Works 

Sarah Roberts

Andrew Toutain

I knew I had to have Andrew's input on this.  He and I spent years doing theater together, and his knowledge of Shakespeare, music and stagecraft were invaluable to me on this project.  An accomplished guitarist and vocalist, Andrew currently is rocking Brookyn with his band.  YouTube links will be available here soon.  

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